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sinse 2012 - 2020 Introduction of past projects.

Co-star with domestic and foreign artists. A project realized through collaboration with actors, singers, creators, and overseas brands.



The brand "Liberteen" was founded by a duo of Johnson and Cindy Green. The first collection was his ecological and cool collection, a remake of used clothing. In 2003, he won the Eco Domani Fashion Award, which is said to be the gateway to new designers. In 2004, he was nominated for CFDA Fashion A in his award, and has been involved in numerous collaborations since then. And from 2009, Johnson started designing his inn for the brand, focusing on his current style of mixing patterns and prints, which he specializes in. He was born in California. He's a Zainer, but I think he's a very Calfor, his near-type person. By recycling his clothes and proposing a revolutionary design for him, he was recognized as his co-friendly fashion designer.

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Cody Sanderson



Cody Sanderson is known for his hand-fabricating techniques that he utilizes to incorporate Navajo jewelry making tradition in to his revolutionary creativity.

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Cody Sanderson is a Metalsmith, an evolving Navajo jewelry artist.He began making jewelries in 1999 and soon followed by the winning of numerous prestigious awards.His wild, innovative yet sophisticated designs suit perfectly with any style preferences.

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